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10 Sectors That Can Benefit from Phone Answering Services

February 5, 2020

If you are wondering whether a call answering service can help your business grow, the answer is almost certainly, yes. Even though call answering services are traditionally associated with large corporate businesses, every business, large or small can in one way or another benefit from a phone answering service. The impact of this service varies from business to business depending on the nature of operations, but it most certainly reflects in the bottom-line.

Let’s look at 10 different sectors and how a phone answering service can help them grow.

Law Firms

The legal sector is renowned for its high standards of care. This means that basic message taking or having a virtual receptionist may not cut it. However, at Officescape, our advanced phone answering services work to support and accommodate the firm’s current framework which allows us to achieve and surpass the high standards of care expected. Our service can help you qualify new enquiries, gain access to international clients and provide a better client experience through one on one human interactions.

Accountancy Firms

Just like the legal sector, this sector also demands high level and specialist phone answering with priority placed on client confidentiality and data protection standards. It is customary that enquiries will peak at certain times of the year. Our specialist phone answering service can allow you to meet the large volumes of enquiries with high levels of professionalism all through the year. Every call is answered by a real person and in the best interest of the firm and client during business hours. Calls received during off-hours are received by our highly advanced auto-attendant then immediately forwarded to the client as Emails with attached voice messages.

Estate Agents

Initial phone interactions in this sector can make or break a transaction. A call answering service allows estate agents to properly attend to all the back and forth communication that goes on when buying or renting a property. For agents that work from 9 to 5, this service can enable your tenants and landlords to submit and follow up on enquiries at any time of the day. This will give you peace of mind, even when you have to spend most of your time out of the office, with the knowledge that all your calls will be properly handled.

Facilities Management Companies

Much like estate agents, this sector also involves a lot of calls on meeting service level agreements. From arranging visits by cleaners and maintenance crew to keeping track of feedback, your FM firm can surely benefit from having the clear and organized communication offered by a phone answering service.


Customer service is key in this sector. A call answering service can help you field the large volume of calls regarding such things as opening hours and stock availability thereby allowing you to maintain full attention on customers in the store. This will help you perfect customer service on all channels.

E-Commerce Companies

Instant customer interaction is very important for e-commerce companies which largely rely on good faith. A telephone answering service will allow you to fulfil immediate customer interaction by handling enquiries related to such things as delivery. This rapid response reduces customer frustration if they are calling with a complaint while also enhancing the company’s reputation.


A large part of the overall customer experience in a restaurant relates to how fast they are attended to. Answering phone calls for food orders, reservations and stock deliveries can divert your employees focus from floor attendance – particularly if you are receiving numerous calls simultaneously. A call answering service allows your employees to remain focused, streamlines customer service and improves the level of organization in your restaurant.

Medical Practices

Running a reception and managing calls is a common challenge across all medical practices. A call answering service can help you manage reception call overflows and ensure that customers are attended to by a real person during business hours and by our auto-attendant during off-hours. With our specialist service, you can be sure that all customers are handled with an understanding and empathetic approach and that their confidentiality is not compromised.

Recruitment Firms

For recruiters that have to handle calls 24/7/365, a call answering service can help you manage these calls and to get a hold of potential candidates which is the biggest challenge in this sector. This will give you well-earned time away from work without being worried about checking your call log every few minutes.

Corporate Businesses

Large corporates typically have dedicated receptionists and call answering personnel. However, our answering service can provide support that your in-house team cannot manage in things like whistleblowing lines and accident reporting lines where professionalism and impartiality is required. Additionally, with our highly advanced auto-attendant handling your off-hours calls, we can help you extend your business customer service to 24/7.

Contact Officescape to Set Up Phone Answering Services for Your Business

A good phone answering service can have a huge impact on your customer service and customer retention while also helping you build a loyal customer base regardless of your type of business. If you would like to learn more about call answering services or how it can benefit your business, contact us today to speak to a member of our team or to request a quote.


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