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Advantages of Professional Phone Answering Services for Your Business

February 10, 2019

For most business owners and leaders, regardless of industry or size of business, the significance of developing and maintaining cordial and long-lasting relationships with customers cannot be discounted. Market competition is far greater and more intense than ever before, particularly at the top. Businesses that aspire to stay ahead of the competition need to do more and be better in more ways than the obvious. On the other hand, customers know what good customer service feels like and expect it from you. They are not only comparing you to your direct competition but also to the best customer service they’ve ever received. Statistics show that these customers will not stick around for any much longer if you cannot meet their high expectations.

When a new client or existing customer calls your company, their first impression of your business starts from how they are greeted. Unfortunately, most businesses with in-house telephone answering services (or no such services at all) find themselves with too many calls. The result is that some customers are placed on hold for far too long, others have their calls rushed while the rest have their calls not answered at all. These customers will be unwilling to return regardless of the quality of your products.

A call answering service is a cost-effective, efficient and effective way to guarantee that all your customers get professional, consistent and helpful customer service. If you are wondering whether you are at a stage when you need professional telephone answering services, here is how to know. Additionally, here are the top benefits of phone answering services.

Worry-Free Service

call answering servicesLet’s face it. As a business owner or leader, you have a business to run. It does not serve the long-term interests of the business for you to spend hours upon hours picking up the phone and responding to the same questions over and over. Additionally, if a prospective or existing customer cannot get a hold of you because you are too busy to answer – you may lose business. A virtual receptionist and a call answering service shields you from all this otherwise disruptive worries. At Officescape, our friendly and highly experienced operators will pick up the calls quickly and professionally, then relay critical information to you immediately. In turn, this frees you up to focus on more pertinent aspects of the business.

Eliminates Hang-Ups

A recent study published on Forbes magazine shows that 80 percent of callers sent to voicemail do not leave messages because they don’ think they’ll even be heard. This is consistent with the modern customer behavioral patterns. With limitless choices at the palm of their hands, the modern customer demands and expects instant service. If you cannot provide that, they will simply hang up and call the next business. On the other hand, the study shows that less than 1% of the people will hang up on a live person. One more reason why more businesses are integrating phone answering services into their business.

Enhances Professionalism

The internet has plenty of examples on bad call answering services. If you want your business to be taken with the respect it deserves, you wouldn’t want someone answering your clients with “yeah” and “mmmh”. The customers need to know that their calls matter and that the person on the other side is not just taking them as casual talk. Give your business live coverage without language or speech challenges. Our operators provide professionalism with each call to ensure your clients are satisfied. When your office is closed or busy, we’ll handle all your calls to give your business a personal approach to handling customers.

A call answering service offers many benefits particularly to small and medium-sized businesses looking to maximize on limited resources and time. Experience the difference that Officescape phone answering services make today. Additionally, we have full-time office space ready to accommodate and support your business. Talk to us today to learn more.

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