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Why You Need to Book Meeting Room Rentals Sooner Rather Than Later

December 10, 2019

Planning an event can be stressful be it a meeting, presentation, negotiation or training workshop. If you have the responsibility of planning your company’s next corporate event or meeting, you have a lot to consider and do. The venue and location must meet all or at least most of your company’s standards and expectations. There is also the issue of abiding by the budget among many other issues. All this can become very confusing and result in a poorly organised and ineffective meeting if not planned well.

Below are some of the reasons as to why booking a meeting room well in advance goes a long way in alleviating some of the stress of organizing a productive meeting.

Book the Meeting Room before Finalizing the Date

Any event organising, personal or work-related, involves a lot of back and forth communication. You are constantly consulting with the venue representatives, the attendees in addition to reporting to your superior. In most cases, the person organising the event will get caught up in the middle trying to come up with a venue, date and time that works for everyone. If you settle on a date and time but cannot find a venue that meets your needs, it can be particularly stressful. On the other hand, if you find a venue at a date and time when none of the attendees are available, you might have to reschedule and find another venue that might not meet your criteria. Although both scenarios can be stressful, finding a venue well in advance can give attendees enough time to plan their time so as to be available on the particular day and time.

Booking a Meeting Room Early Guarantees More Availability

Any office space rental will most certainly offer flexibility with their meeting room rentals. However, that should not be an excuse to rush at the very last minute. You should still try and book a meeting room as early as possible. This will allow you more time to find an available meeting room that suits your needs and budget and also meets your expectations.

Booking a Meeting Space Earlier Makes it easier to coordinate

In most cases, your attendees will have different schedules. Booking a meeting space well in advance ensures that all key participants of the meeting are free to attend. It allows everyone involved enough time to clear their schedules and plan the coming days around the meeting so they don’t miss it.

Postponing and Rescheduling Meetings Causes Work Delays

Not all office space rental companies have flexible policies. Some have strict cancellation and rescheduling policies including requiring a non-refundable deposit to hold down your spot. Failing to reschedule or cancel the meeting within the specified time will make you lose the deposit. Additionally, cancelling or rescheduling a meeting will throw the plans of all those involved into disarray. If the meeting was regarding critical company affairs, rescheduling can halt productivity altogether.

The More You Wait the More You Risk Getting it Wrong

Waiting until the last day to book a meeting space increases the chances of the meeting becoming a total failure. To start, it is a big risk to expect to find a venue that meets your criteria in such a short time. Additionally, the venue may not be convenient for all attendees making it impossible for some to be available.

To guarantee a productive meeting, it is important to ensure that the location is convenient for everyone, the meeting room is well furnished and well maintained. The less time you have to getting a venue to higher the chance that one of these factors will go wrong.

Book a Sophisticated Meeting Room from Officescape

At Officescape, we have an extensive variety of office space rental suites, meeting rooms and boardrooms to meet all your needs and expectations. Our fully furnished meeting spaces allow for a range of seating arrangements and capacities as well as additional amenities to enhance your meeting. We also have custom solutions to meet unique needs and requirements. Contact us today to make your booking.

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