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Discover How A Sharing Economy Can Help Your Small Businesses in Markham

August 29, 2016

Starting a small business has a lot of perks. Unfortunately, having a huge budget is not one of them. People are looking for innovative solutions to overcome their budget constraints. This has given rise to one of the most fascinating business trends in recent years – ‘sharing economy.’ The term ‘sharing economy’ refers to an economic model wherein individuals can borrow and rent assets that are owned by others. This model is commonly used when the cost of a particular asset is very high, and that asset is not always being completely utilized. The high acceptance of this fast-growing concept clearly shows that sharing is the new buying. It is no surprise, therefore, that people who are in the process of starting a small business are embracing it. Owners of small businesses and start-ups in the city of Markham also have an opportunity to not only make their lives easier but also reduce the anxiety of the cost of underutilized assets, like offices and meeting space.

Here are some of the interesting ways in which small businesses in Markham can take advantage of the sharing economy.

Renting Assets for Short Term

Every small business has a list of assets it would prefer to rent rather than to buy. There are apps and websites for leasing practically any product, service or property. For instance, you have Officescape for leasing a part-time office in Markham. These short-term offices or temporary offices offer several advantages to small businesses as they can be rented on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. They also allow you to have access to and use a premium office address, along with a local phone number as well as additional amenities and benefits such as an executive assistant and free parking space.

Becoming Part of the Shared Office Trend

If you wish to gauge the prominence and effect of a shared economy, you should observe the number of shared offices and co-working spaces that are available in Markham. This concept of sharing office space gives small businesses a professional and low-cost start. They can lease part-time or full-time offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms etc. and save on the expense of long-term office leasing. The concept of co-working enables small businesses and start-ups to connect with other like-minded individuals.

Accomplishing Specific Tasks through Hiring Help

The sharing economy allows businesses to hire specialist contractors such as content creators, web developers, virtual assistants etc. on a need basis. This not only saves you money in staffing costs but also allows you to find industry experts on the specific task. With the large number of websites that connect talented professionals and freelancers with companies, you can thoroughly evaluate different contractors to make sure you are getting the best service for the money. It also means that you do not have to worry about all the legal and human resource issues associated with maintaining full-time staff.


Maintaining a large team of fulltime employees may not be feasible for most small businesses. Through outsourcing, small businesses can hire help online from various platforms to complete important tasks. Faced by budget constraints, this is a more cost-effective solution for small businesses as you only need to pay for that particular task.

Renting Meeting Rooms When Required

Just like with staffing, it is not feasible for most small businesses to buy or lease an office. Instead, they can save time, money and effort by simply renting meeting rooms only when they need them. There are many providers offering such office space solutions – particularly for people who are starting a small business and realise the benefit of a professional image. At Officescape, we have flexible shared workspace solutions geared towards people looking for office space for rent in Markham. You can office space on demand and also enjoy additional services such as access to a fully equipped meeting room and a receptionist to greet your guests.

The trend of a sharing economy is here to stay and is transforming how entrepreneurs do business – particularly how they rent and occupy office space. Contact us today to take full advantage of this trend by cutting costs, building a professional image on a budget, expanding your network and being part of the future of business.


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