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Top 10 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Meeting Room in Toronto

March 17, 2019

Meetings play a crucial role in the growth and expansion of a business. It does not help that one of the most stressful things as a business owner or leader is to hold a successful meeting. There are so many different factors one has to take into account to facilitate a successful meeting. Chief among these factors is having a great meeting room. Your meeting room of choice should serve the purpose of the meeting. From client meetings, staff meetings, conferences and training workshops just to name a few, you need a meeting space that can adapt to the need at hand. Unfortunately, finding the perfect meeting room in Toronto is harder than you might imagine. Fortunately, with the right guidance, you can get the perfect meeting space in Toronto to suit your needs.

Here are the top 10 factors to take into account when choosing the perfect meeting room in Toronto.

Nature of the Meeting

There are many different types of meetings. From board meetings, seminars, focus groups, shareholder meetings, training workshops, client meeting and many more. Each of these types of meetings will require unique facilities and amenities. A training workshop, for instance, will require a whiteboard and a projector while a focus group will require a fast and reliable internet connection. When meeting clients or board members, you want the meeting room to project professionalism. Therefore, when choosing a meeting room, take note of the type of meeting you are hosting and what the meeting needs to achieve.

Seating Arrangement

A meeting room should feel comfortable, inviting and in tune with the business of the day. Having a meeting room that is too large or too small such that people are either too squeezed or too sparsely spaced can hinder a successful meeting. To avoid this, figure out the number of attendees you expect in a meeting and then find a meeting room to fit that number and the activities of the day.

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When you decide to hold a meeting, your first decision should be on the budget. On deciding the budget, it is then upon you to make sure that you follow the budget as closely as possible. It is imperative that you look for meeting spaces that fit your needs and budget otherwise you might end up overspending. A good meeting room rental company will give you a range of options and help you find a space that matches your needs and budget.

Facilities Provided by the Venue

In accordance with your type of meeting, you should ensure that the meeting room has all the facilities you need. These facilities include; Wi-Fi access, projectors, displays, telephone or video conferencing and many more. An ideal meeting room will have all the equipment, technologies and amenities you need for a successful meeting.

Professional Meeting Room Provider

Meetings can sometimes be boring and dull.Top 10 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Meeting Room in Toronto It is therefore upon you to go that extra mile to impress your guests and keep them entertained so that you can meet the set objectives. Having a special touch can make all the difference. An example is having door greeters to guide guests to the meeting – this will make the guests feel appreciated and project an image of professionalism. On the other hand, mid-meeting catering can keep your guests happy and them a much-needed break. A good meeting room rental company will provide you with staff for reception, greeting, and administrative tasks so your meeting can proceed as professionally and effectively as possible.

Central Location

Most people sulk at the thought of having to attend a meeting particularly if they have to travel. To make it easy on everyone, make sure to choose a meeting space that is as convenient as possible to everyone. An ideal space should within close proximity to airports, subways stations, bus stops and hotels. This will ensure that attendees have a smoother time attending the meeting and increase the chances of a successful meeting.


Although it is important to find a meeting space that is within your budget, this should not come at the expense of safety. The security and well-being of all attendees should be your main priority. It is therefore imperative that your meeting venue should be located in a safe area with minimal threat to the attendees. If you are using a meeting space rental company, confirm that they are adequately equipped to deal with eventualities. It is also important to start off the meeting by reviewing some safety rules with the attendees such as the location of safety exits and amenities.

Response Time

You can tell a lot about a company through their customer service. For this reason, take note of the duration it takes for the company to respond after you’ve contacted them. If they take too long or only wait for you to call back, this is a strong indication of the kind of service you with get from them. It is also an indication that they are not reliable and also your cue to explore other alternatives.

Get a Referral

You can also tell a lot about a company from how they have treated previous customers. Additionally, the most trustworthy form of advertising is the word of mouth. Use your contacts as a business professional to get a referral on a reputable and recognised meeting room rental company in Toronto that can meet your needs.

Visit the Location in Person

While online searches and referrals are useful, these are only starting points. After all, you alone best understands the meeting you are planning, the facilities, equipment and amenities you require and you alone knows the atmosphere you want to convey. Therefore, weigh the options you have and visit one or two of the most suitable venues before you make the final decision. Visiting the venue will also give you a chance to interact with the meeting space rental company and decide whether it complies with your needs and values. You can also take the chance to iron out finer details about the meeting room and even request discounts or bonus services.

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