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Top 10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Meeting Space Room

November 5, 2019

A meeting room sets the tone and the mood for any meeting and thereby its effectiveness. We all have a tale or two about ineffective meetings and it is not something anyone enjoys. The first and most important ingredient towards holding an effective meeting is finding the right meeting space. Unfortunately, finding the right meeting room rental in Toronto is both tedious and time consuming. Different meetings have different needs, requirements and objectives. As such, there is a multitude of factors that you ought to consider in finding the perfect meeting space for the right purpose. These could include holding client meetings, staff meetings, conferences or training workshops. Each of these scenarios requires different settings, equipment, facility and amenities. Having the right meeting space for the right purpose is the first step towards a successful meeting. The reverse is also true.

So, what factors should you consider when choosing a meeting space in Toronto?

Nature of the Meeting

Each different type of meeting requires a meeting space that will complement its agenda. A room set for a board meeting may not be effective during a training seminar. This has to do with the equipment and amenities you need as well as the image and environment you want to create for the attendees.

Seating Arrangements

It is important to have a room that provides enough space to conduct all necessary activities required in the meeting while also not being too big. Therefore, make a point of establishing the number of people attending the meeting and find a room that meets their needs.

The Budget for the Meeting

Before you set out to go searching for a meeting space, first come up with an itemized budget for the whole meeting. Although it might be hard to find a meeting space that perfectly matches your requirements, ensure that it meets your quality standards, can accommodate all your guests and most importantly, it is within your budget allocation.

Facilities Provided by the Venue

Depending on the type of meeting you intend to hold, you will need various equipment and amenities. Ensure that your meeting space of choice has all the required facilities necessary for your meeting. These may include; displays, WiFi connectivity, projectors, video or telephone conferencing etc. these amenities will go a long way in making the meeting effective.

Professional Meeting Room Provider

Ultimately, it is the little details that will make the biggest impression on your guests. Having a receptionist to welcome and guide the guests into the room and mid meeting catering are some of the finer details that provide a special touch to a meeting. This will project a warm and professional image to your guests while also keeping them engaged and happy throughout the meeting. Professional providers of meeting space rental in Toronto such as Officescape Markham have years of experience and technical knowledge to help you make the best possible impression on your guest with a host of enticing additional services.

Central Location

Regardless of the purpose or type of meeting, it is of paramount importance that all attendees can easily access the meeting venue. For this reason, an ideal meeting space should be located in a central and safe area. After all, you do not want to have a meeting where everyone arrives 30 minutes late with severe road rage. Traffic is an issue wherever you go, a meeting room in Markham might mean – less traffic than downtown Toronto, but Markham can too be gridlocked at times. The better point might be to host the meeting convenient to the client and avoid unnecessary down town travel.


This goes without saying. You should be able to guarantee the safety of all attendees. Therefore, having a convenient location should not be at the compromise of safety. The security of the meeting space and the wellbeing of all attendees and their belongings should be guaranteed.

Response Times

A big indicator of the kind of service you will receive from a meeting room’s rental service provider is through their customer service. Therefore, take note of how long each provider takes to respond to your first enquiry. It will give you a solid indication of whether you would like to work with them.

Get a Referral

Direct word of mouth is the most trustworthy form of advertisement. Therefore, go through your close business contacts and check in with them on who they think are the best meeting room’s rental service providers in Toronto. This will reveal the companies with the best track records and the most reliable in providing the perfect meeting room for any occasion.

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