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Cost of a Virtual Office

April 20, 2016

There is one challenge that many small businesses face when seeking to establish a professional presence, and that is affordability. When they think of how much they need to pay to set up a full time office, or maintain a part time office, they are discouraged, and may believe that there is little hope for establishing themselves. However, a virtual office, especially one from Officescape Markham, provides an excellent cost effective solution that will not break the bank.

By choosing to have a virtual office, a business can benefit from projecting professionalism, while still managing all other costs.  Working remotely, it is not necessary to physically be in an office all the time.  However, when you do need an office, you can book a modern office hourly, or daily. Choosing a business centre that provides virtual office services and an office on demand gives your business the advantage to build a professional image, at an affordable price.

Here is a breakdown of the different virtual office packages you can choose from: –

 The Base Rate

The basic virtual office service rate is the no frills option also known as the base rate.  It offers the most essential service without a personal assistant to answer your calls. This is more ideal for companies that have a smaller budget and are looking to legitimize themselves as a business.  Starting with a prestigious business address, you can add it to your business cards, website and local business directories. For this, the rate begins at $49 per month.

Virtual Biz Pak

When you need to include services that are more personalized in nature, then you should consider making use of the Virtual Biz Pak. There are various options that you can choose from, which will include some (or all) of the following services:

  • Business address as your mailing address
  • Mail forwarding service
  • Toll-free number to attract regional and global clients
  • Physical premises when necessary (office on demand) including full furnishings and all other amenities
  • Web development, design, hosting and maintenance services for creating a professional website and building an online presence
  • Branding and marketing, from business cards, to events to social media management.
  • Personalized phone answering services
  • Event planning services and much more

For these additional services, the rates charged will vary.   With a customized solution you pay for only what you need without exit costs, overhead or a huge investment.

Experience More Benefits

When you choose to use a virtual office provider, like Officescape in Markham, you become a member of their Markham Business Centre. The membership connects you to the local small business community.

Those who do not understand what a virtual office provider can offer them may be losing out in developing a professional image, connections to local business community and gaining savings with a lot of flexibility.  When virtual office services are used to their full potential, they can make a great impact on your business.

What Virtual Services have you hired for?

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