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All you need to know about Day Offices & Hourly Rental Spaces in Toronto

June 5, 2019

An office space is a reflection of a business and its professionalism. When clients and customers see or visit your offices, they instantly get an impression on the quality of service they can expect from you. On top of that, an office is your safe space. If it is conducive and organized for you and your employees, it gives your business an unimpeded environment to grow and prosper. Therefore, it is of prime importance that as a business owner, you find the best method of renting office spaces that best suit your business. Unfortunately, this can be a costly and time-consuming process since most businesses don’t want to commit to extended and costly rental agreements.

Luckily, there are more flexible office space rental agreements with a variety of flexible plans and schedules including monthly, weekly, daily and even hourly. Popular among them are day office space rental and hourly office space rental. The implication is that businesses have the liberty to reserve office space on a need basis and pay for it at an affordable hourly rate.

What is a Day Office?

What is a Day Office?A day office is a flexible and cost-effective alternative for individuals and businesses looking for professional office space without being tied down to long-term contracts. The rates charged for day offices vary from one provider to another and are based on several factors such as location and amenities. This service allows businesses and individuals to rent an office space for the whole day or just a couple of hours depending on the need. The liberty to rent out an office space on a need basis eliminates the financial stress of long-term contracts.

What are the Benefits of a Day Office?

Day offices and hourly office space rental offer businesses and entrepreneurs many advantages. A travelling businessman may require space to hold a private meeting for a couple of hours on a particular day. A telecommuter, on the other hand, may need to work nearer to their home. For people working from home, renting an office by the day can give them a distraction-free and more professional work environment. These are some of the many benefits that day offices offer to different people for different reasons. Additionally, the fact that it is a flexible plan makes it very attractive to businesses and individuals looking for professional office spaces and who do not wish to be tied down to long-term commitments. The rates are also very affordable for all the benefits this service offers.

How difficult is it to find a Professional Work-Space for a Start-up Office?

Start-ups face a unique set of challenges as they try to gain a foothold and spread their message into the community. Not only are they limited by resources, but they also don’t have a professional image in the eyes of potential clients. As such, start-ups which seek out day offices and hourly office space rental services do so in the hope that it will make financial sense and also help boost their image. They need the amenities and prestige of a conventional workplace at a fraction of the budget. Luckily, Officescape’s full-service meeting spaces are designed with these businesses in mind. Our Markham location is fully equipped with the most up-to-date office technology and professional equipment.

Where Can I Find Cost-Effective Office Space In Toronto?

Finding the right office space in Toronto that can suit your unique needs can be tedious and expensive. If you are lucky to find a good location, you are disappointed by the lengthy contractual agreement you have to commit to and the amount it will cost you. Not anymore. At Officescape Markham, we are committed to helping you escape the noisy and unproductive office environments by offering you a conducive office space at a prime location and under a flexible plan including hourly office space rental. Our offices are well furnished and equipped with the latest technology and equipment to allow your business to grow and excel in a conducive work environment under your own terms.

How Much Does An Hourly Office Rental Cost At Officescape?

One of the key benefits of using an hourly office space rental is that it helps keep your costs in control. With this in mind, our hourly office space rental service starts at only $20 per hour. You also have the option to receive additional amenities and business solutions at an affordable price.

Should I Rent An Hourly Office Or Work From Home?

lthough working from home has its advantages, it also comes with its own fair share of challenges. From distractions, lack of a professional image and limitations when you decide to expand just to name a few. If you are looking to step into the next level and grow your business, renting a professional office is a logical step forward. An hourly office space rental offers you the following benefits.

  • Prime location address
  • Conducive work environment
  • Additional business services
  • Internet and printing services
  • Free channel to network, share ideas and collaborate
  • Gives your business a professional image

With that said, the decision on whether to continue working from home or to rent an office space is ultimately personal since everyone has their own approach and vision for their business. If you have the self-discipline required to stay focused at home and to work efficiently, you are set. On the same note, if you need to identify the specific needs of your business, If you need to meet clients and suppliers regularly, an office may be beneficial.

A day office and hourly office space rental offer anyone needing temporary shared or private office space an affordable and flexible solution. This can be particularly helpful for small businesses just starting out as they will only be required to pay for the time used. This makes it an economically sound alternative. Contact us at 905-482-3020 to learn more about our service or to book an office today.

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