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Expanding your Business with a Virtual Office in Markham

April 15, 2019

As a business grows, so does the size of its challenges. Small and medium business owners face significant challenges as they become successful. One of these challenges is space availability as they expand. Often, moving forward, the best option would be to open offices in new areas so as to cater to an ever growing market. However, with this weighty decision comes the looming cost implication. One which can restrict growth as it may be more than the business can realistically afford.

Officescape Markham has a solution to this problem. One which is low in cost, high in returns and excellent when it comes to making a lasting impression on potential clients. The solution is a virtual office. This enables a business owner to experience all the benefits that come with having a business in a prime location, without the need to bear massive costs.

The key to ensuring that you secure a customer and get them to commit to doing business with you is making the right first impression. With a virtual office, you have the opportunity to do that without stretching your resources.

A virtual office can help expand your business by elevating your credibility in the following ways:

Physical Corporate Address

Having an official physical business address at prominent locations allows your business to assume a more prestigious outlook in the eyes of prospective clients, employees and vendors. Additionally, it helps inspire trust and confidence in your business which is a key component in the business credit building process. With a central physical location and access to well-furnished and equipped executive suites, you can confidently host successful high-level meetings at any time.

Local Phone Number and Mail Address

A real landline number and credible mailing address go a long way in making clients and lenders more comfortable when transacting with a business as opposed to a personal mobile number and home address. Additionally, most virtual office providers have mail collection and forwarding services so your customers can feel confident in sending mails to a credible address. They also offer fax and voicemail services complete with a professional receptionist to handle your business calls. This transmits an image of a well-organized corporate to anyone that contacts your business.

Dedicated Administrative Staff

In addition to getting help with your calls and mails, you also have a dedicated administrative staff to help you get your work done. You get professional receptionists to help you arrange meetings, usher guests into meeting rooms as well as answer any queries about your business. This bolsters your image also makes guests feel comfortable and welcome in your business. They also help with other seemingly minor to-dos such as collecting parcels and issuing reminders which improves the efficiency of your business.

Properly Furnished and Equipped Meeting Rooms

Even with continued growth and success, most small and medium businesses cannot afford to build or lease executive office suits in prime business locations. Virtual offices give these businesses access to modern, highly furnished and equipped executive suites in prime locations that they wouldn’t otherwise afford. These offices and meeting rooms are perfect for face to face meetings as they exude an aura of prestige and professionalism to draw clients closer to the business. Featuring tools and amenities from the latest technology, our Markham executive suites inspire successful meetings and engagements.

Why You Should Choose Officescape In Markham For Your Virtual Office?

The services that Officescape, Markham provides are specifically tailored for businesses that understand the importance of making an excellent impression. As is stands, Markham is quickly becoming a hub for business and technology. There are over 400 corporations who already call this area home. Even more exciting, there is a large pool of 340,000 potential customers from the fastest growing region in Toronto. To meet the needs of any small business that is looking to benefit from what Markham has to offer, a well-thought-out virtual office strategy has been put in place. This is where Officescape Markham excels at.

At an affordable rate, you will get a host of services that will elevate any Virtual Office. These include a toll-free number which will encourage business to reach outside of the Markham area. In addition, you will also receive personalized phone answering services, as well as voice mailboxes for those calls that come after hours.

When you need to make use of a physical premises for a meeting, you will find that our executive suites help you cover all your bases. You can choose to use the office space by the hour or day. At Officescape Markham, the executive suites reserved for these meetings are fully furnished, and feature the latest technological assets.

Every business that makes use of the Officescape Markham offices will join the Markham Business Centre, where it becomes easier to network and create relationships with those who are based in specific industries. In addition, it will be possible to benefit from tax rates that are currently the lowest in Greater Toronto.

Now that you have chosen to expand your business, use a virtual office to help you reduce your costs, increase your revenues and give your business a professional image.

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