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5 Steps to Help You Find Suitable Office Space for Rent

January 5, 2019

Where and How to Find Office Space for Rent Near You

Businesses large and small are embracing the alternatives to long term office leasing. Particularly in this new economy where staff are highly mobile and supported by the technology to work anywhere, anytime, the traditional long-term office lease is no longer the best solution for every company.

Here are the five steps to determining your office needs.

  1. Asses Your Office Requirements
    • Your first step should be to establish your needs according to your business and staff requirements
    • Decide the area you need based on the number of workstations, or private offices
    • Decide the physical location based on commuting and your client’s convenience
    • Consider needs of staff and clients, particularly parking. Paid parking is a nuisance
  2. Create A Budget
    • Once you are clear on the list of requirements, set a budget consistent with the scale of your business
    • Unlike a long-term lease, Business Centres provide an “all in” monthly price without a concern about utilities, maintenance, cleaning etc.
    • Lease obligations are typically annual, although month/ month options are often available
  3. Identify A Suitable Space
    • Class A, High rise office tower, prestigious, excellent customer impression.
    • Class B, Older high rise or low rise commercial, a good choice for a task-oriented business with little client interactions.
    • Class C, Older low rise, may be in an industrial or retail setting. Good for a limited budget, with little or no client interaction on site.
  4. Tour the Various Office Spaces
    • Select 3-5 options to get a sense of pricing and service levels
    • Clarify “additional costs” like the use of the kitchen
    • Consider your client and their experience when visiting the location
    • Consider your staff, their comfort, security and convenience
  5. Select the Best Option
    • Every business has a unique requirement, so select the facility that best meets your needs.
    • Consider amenities, and services to support your clients. Are the staff attentive and accommodating? Is the quality of the facility consistent with your brand and the impression you are trying to make?  Inconsistencies will resonate with your clients and staff and could impact your success.

We Offer Full-Time Office Spaces Including Corporate Meeting Facilities

Corporate Meeting FacilitiesAt Officescape Canada, we have an established culture and deliver a high level of service. Take advantage of the valuable services we have to offer, including personalized phone answering, mail handling and administrative assistance to efficiently help you focus more on your business needs.

Officescape is a class A facility in a prestigious location available at affordable rates. We care about your success and strive to meet all your requirements to help you conduct business with ease. We provide a corporate headquarters that reflects your business values and creates a positive impact on your clients.

For more information about our office space, meeting rooms business services contact us at 416-639-0407 or 1-866-219-8059.

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