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Hourly Offices, Conference Rooms & Boardroom Rentals in Toronto

October 5, 2018

Affordable Hourly Offices, Conference Rooms, and Boardroom Rentals in Toronto

With the emergence of start-ups and the increasing preference for freelancing and telecommuting, temporary office space rentals, particularly hourly office space rental, is a great option for many. Let’s understand why.

Why is Renting Hourly Office Space Beneficial?

Here are a few advantages to renting an office space:

  • Lower Costs
    Buying a large office or leasing a property may be financially impractical. Renting a shared office space, meeting room or boardroom is often cheaper than a full-time office alternative. This makes on-demand use a feasible option for businesspersons and entrepreneurs as most organizations seldom use these rooms to justify a full-time office rental commitment.
  • Improved Efficiency
    Maintenance and cleaning tasks, are taken care of by the building’s owners, allowing you to focus more on your business responsibilities.
  • More Opportunities for Networking
    In a shared office space, you’ll find there are other organizations occupying the same location as you. In addition to this, with new business owners added every month, it is a perfect opportunity for you to meet new people in a professional environment and expand your network.
  • Exceptional Locations
    Shared office spaces and hourly office rentals usually occupy central locations where resources such as restaurants, hotels and banks are convenient and accessible.
  • Fast Start Up
    The time required to launch a new location when you consider the time it takes to view available properties, negotiating a lease, and acquiring bank approval, as well as the long-term lease commitment and potential personal guarantee, will take months. A business centre can have you up and running without any complications within days. This is a great way to incubate a new business idea, or new market entry.

Meeting & Conference Room Amenities Offered by Officescape Canada

Many companies are now utilizing conference rooms and boardroom rentals more frequently to cut down on costs and take advantage of the additional services offered.

We provide the following facilities to help you better focus on your business:

  • Presentation Tools and Equipment – including networked Sharp Electronics, LCD display / white board, networking systems.
  • Technological Equipment

Other Services We Offer:

In addition to the amenities mentioned above, we also offer other services listed below to make your business experience hassle-free and productive:

  • Wi-Fi and high-speed Internet access
  • Video conferencing
  • Conference calling and tools to keep your meetings coordinated and organized
  • Smart presentation technology including interactive touchscreen display systems
  • Comprehensive mail retrieval services

Additional Benefits of Hourly Office Space Rentals in Toronto

Our amenities are managed and administered by office operators who are carefully selected for their professionalism and ability to provide high-quality on-site services.

In addition to this, by opting for our office space rentals, you will also have access to big-business infrastructure in a great location, regardless of the size of your business. You can enjoy a hassle-free experience by never having to deal with projector problems, rushing to set up the equipment, worrying about hiring more support staff, or serving water and coffee because we’ve got you covered with our on-demand office solutions.

Contact Us for Information about Hourly Office Rentals

Shared Office Space Offers an Ideal Solution for Toronto BusinessRenting office space for conducting business is quickly becoming a popular choice, and you can count on our efficient and friendly staff to greet and receive you and your guests with a pleasant smile and to tend to your requirements throughout your meeting. We are always available to answer any of your questions about renting with us.

We have designated spaces for meetings based on the number of people attending such as for 2-3 people, 4-8 people, or 9-16 people. In addition to this, our professional assistants will handle all the details and tasks regarding administration and coordination such as distributing invitations, arranging catering, and more.

To learn more about how we can help you advance your business with our hourly office rentals and on-demand office solutions at an affordable price, reach out to our consultants by calling 416-639-0407 or 1-866-219-8059.

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