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How a Physical Mailing Address Can Help Your Business

January 3, 2018

Technology has greatly advanced over the past couple of years and continues to improve to better assist people with their daily errands. One benefit of having technology so easily accessible for business owners, is the convenience to complete a multitude of different tasks, and connect with a variety of individuals, all from a single electronic device. Despite all the advantages of internet and technology, people still value having a physical human connection with the businesses from which they seek products and services. This allows for a personal connection, one that will foster trust and loyalty for the company. Regardless of company size, a situation will arise where purely using email is insufficient and the access to a private mailbox becomes essential for business transactions.

Before setting up a mailbox, there are a few options to consider. Firstly, decide between a PO Box and a mailing address. While these terms may be used interchangeably, a virtual mailing address offers more benefits than a PO Box.

What is a Virtual Business Address?

Also known as a virtual office address, a virtual business address is a subscription-based service that provides a virtual mailbox and a business mailing address to its subscribers. A virtual business address allows business owners to have a professional office location without spending exorbitantly on a physical site or sacrificing their home address privacy. On the other hand, a virtual mailbox service allows the subscribers to request the service provider to store or forward mail and packages, shred items, and scan contents. In effect, a virtual mailing address allows subscribers to view and manage their virtual office address and business mail online from any location using a smartphone or computer.

Benefits of a Virtual Office Mailing Address

If you are a new business owner or work from home, there are many reasons why obtaining a physical mailing address would be beneficial for you. Here are some advantages to obtaining a mailing address for your business:

Maintain a professional Image

As a small-scale company, maintaining a professional and polished image is extremely important in determining long-term success. A mailing address offers more than just a place to send and receive mail; it provides your business with a physical street address that clients and customers appreciate, to build trust and instill confidence. If a prospective client searches for your company on Google My Business, it will only appear if your organization has a physical location that customers can visit.  A company that has a virtual mailbox can be advertised and will ultimately help strengthen your image as legitimate business.

Mail Management and Forwarding

When you are running a start-up or small business, you have several important tasks to take care of with a lean team, or perhaps on your own. It is important that you receive and send documents and packages on time despite your hectic schedule. For our virtual office clients, we provide services to manage and forward mail.

Is it a Good Idea to Use Your Home Address for Your Business?

The short and direct answer is no. Even if you are largely or completely working form home, your home is a personal, sacred and private space, separate from your business operations. While conference calls and emails can be handled from home, obtaining a mailing address established and maintains an image of professionalism, portraying the value of your business at it’s full potential.

As a business owner, your schedule is tight and spare time is best suited spending it with your family or strategizing on how to grow the business rather than worrying whether important letters and parcels have been delivered to the right addresses, or ensuring every package sent to your business is signed and accounted for on arrival. Subscribing to a virtual mailbox rental service with us as part of our custom virtual office rental package gives you the pace of mind you need knowing all your parcels are well accounted for on arrival and forwarded to you immediately, allowing you to focus on more important tasks at hand. You can also enjoy additional benefits such as access to professional telephone services, meeting rooms and a virtual business address. If you need a physical mailing address, there are numerous options available, which offer a professional but more affordable alternative to renting or leasing physical office scape.

Rent an Office on Demand to Grow Your Business

A virtual mailbox at a physical location offers versatility, convenience, and a sense of professionalism. At Officescape Canada, we want to help you grow your company, by providing you with various forms of office space rentals to suit your needs. We offer full-time offices, virtual offices, and hourly offices on demand for business owners in Markham, Toronto and Scarborough. Along with your office space rental, your business can greatly benefit from the support services provided by our talented team. By renting a small office space with us, you can enjoy all the additional benefits that come with a physical workplace, including access to professional telephone services, meeting rooms and a virtual business address.

Contact Officescape to learn more about our virtual office mailing address in Markham, and to find small office space rentals in Toronto or Scarborough. Give us a call at 905-482-3020. You can also contact us online if you have any questions or concerns.

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