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Professional Business Services With Shared Office Space In Markham

June 10, 2019

Whether you are a startup trying to gain a foothold or an established business looking to expand your operations, having an ideal office space is paramount. Your ideal office space should cater to your unique needs and also make financial sense. Traditionally, the best alternative would have been to build your own offices or to enter into an extended lease contract. However, the rising costs of having such spaces coupled with advancements in technology have led to new, better alternatives – shared office space and shared Coworking space. Although these two concepts share the same ideology, they differ in application.

What is a Coworking Space?

Key Benefits of Shared Office SpaceCoworking space is a service typically offered to small businesses, as well as individuals, to simultaneously have access to office facilities as a better alternative to working from home or coffee shops. In general, Coworking spaces have an open plan layout and not tied to a particular location. These spaces are ideal for freelancers and startups that are just starting out and trying to get their name out there. They offer entrepreneurs an affordable avenue to network and collaborate with like-minded people as well as a professional environment that spurs productivity.

What is Shared Office Space

Shared office space, on the other hand, is a service typically offered to established businesses to access office facilities under a flexible and affordable plan that does not tie them down to extended contracts. Unlike Coworking spaces, shared office spaces are generally housed in serviced business centres. In addition to getting flexible and affordable office space, these businesses also get access to other business solutions such as photocopying services, internet connection, coffee machine, break rooms, office receptionists, private and virtual offices as well as other additional services at an extra cost.

For most businesses, these two alternatives are a flexible means of having an ideal working environment with an option to upgrade at any time or hire facilities such as meeting rooms and board rooms on a need basis. Although the way coworking office spaces are currently operating makes them ideal for startups, while shared office spaces are currently ideal for established businesses, nothing can stop any business from using either alternative.

What are the Advantages of Shared Office Space?

If you have never considered the advantages of shared office space, you may be surprised by how much this arrangement can benefit your business. Companies of all sizes and stages of development can benefit from having access to a brick-and-mortar space, even if the bulk of your business activity is completed online. Read below to learn more about how your business and operations could benefit from access to Shared Office Space in Markham.

Keep these 5 benefits in mind or contact us to tell us more about your company and how our facilities could be a good fit for your requirements:

Flexibility : Whether you only need office space for a short period of time, or are scaling operations for growth, a short lease at a shared office space can give you the options you want. A variety of package types and rates mean you can budget and adjust plans for whatever the future brings for your business.

Low Overhead : The process of finding, leasing, furnishing, Renovating & improving your own space as well as selecting & buying the necessary technology is not easy. It requires a significant investment of both time and money. You want to keep costs low yet maintain the focus on durability, functionality, and aesthetics. Welcoming clients into a cheaply decorated or drafty office space will not serve your best interests or reflect the quality products and services you provide. Forget about that burden and liability and take advantage of shared office space.

Networking : The shared nature of the space allows you to meet new people and forge connections across industries. If you are in the service industry and work business-to-business, this can be an invaluable opportunity. Engage with other professionals and end the isolation that can occur when you work remotely.

Security : Rather than deal with the stress, worry, and research to put the appropriate security measures in place at your own office space, you can enjoy existing measures. Shared office spaces in Markham boast entrance technology, administrative and greeting services, and other security measures. Focus on work, without worrying about safety.

Access : Business resources, event space, collaborators, IT technology, infrastructure, and more can be yours at a shared office space. Reclaim the water cooler without strings attached! Short term leases, shared desks, and on-demand offices for meetings can all be arranged so that you have the exact access you want without the financial costs or extended commitment.

Get the business services you need, when you need them with Officescape. We have shared offices and Coworking office space in Toronto to cater for all types of businesses at every stage of growth. Let us walk you through our services and tell you more about available options for booking, leasing, or renting for your daily operations or specific events. Our fully-furnished and welcoming Shared office space in Toronto has all the tools you need for a successful pitch, special event, or daily work environment.

Contact Officescape for coworking space in Toronto at 905-482-3020.You can also Book space now or Reach out online to find out more about how this space can serve your business requirements.

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