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Markham Virtual Office: Way to Grow

March 10, 2019

Growth is essential for any startup – but as an entrepreneur, the question is where to start. Service-based professionals such as accountants, paralegals and consultants may begin and end their careers as home-based businesses. But for the life coach, IT specialist or web designer who wants to build market share by maintaining a professional client-facing business presence even while travelling, meeting with clients and attending to executive responsibilities, the question becomes how to achieve that balance without incurring the costs of maintaining a private physical space.

For those who eschew a bricks and mortar presence in favour of online growth, the problem of getting it all done hasn’t simply vanished; it’s moved into an often-confusing, always intense digital landscape of social media marketing, local SEO and data analytics – all while trying to concentrate on what you do best: running your business. Startup founders have to manage overhead costs, cope with limited human resources, make purchasing decisions, attract new clients, nurture partnerships…the list goes on. Forbes Magazine reports that while only a small percentage of business owners identify as having mental health issues, the majority are constantly stressed and ‘never switch off’. The mental toll may not be precisely quantifiable, but the financial cost is: hiring and training full time staff has never been more time-consuming or expensive, and physical office space is at a premium. Toronto now has the lowest downtown commercial vacancy rate in all of North America, which equates to soaring rental costs.

Benefits of a virtual office Services

Virtual office services are on the rise as entrepreneurs study the use cases for virtual office services in Markham and discover that perhaps the biggest benefit of virtual office space Markham is certainty. A concept that is often foreign to the entrepreneurial world, certainty is knowing that while revenues and expenses and markets may fluctuate, your company’s time-intensive inbound and outbound tasks are taken care of whether you or your core team is available or not.

While many virtual office services exist, they are not all created equal. First, conduct a needs analysis to ensure that you are selecting the right Markham virtual office, one that offers a range of plans and service options with the flexibility to pivot as your business does.

Officescape’s virtual office services include:

  • Permanent business address: Improve credibility by directing correspondence away from your residence or an impersonal post office box, and allow for safe, secure handling of your mail
  • Call answering: Some prospective clients and current customers prefer to call, while others expect prompt responses via email, text, or live chat. Ensure that calls from your local and/or toll free number, as well as multi-channel inquiries, are answered and routed by a capable system that can filter messages and direct them so the best person on your team can follow up in an appropriate and thoughtful manner.
  • Affordable support: When you need to book accommodations, research the competition, return emails and schedule appointments before the close of business, Markham virtual office provides a capable, reliable team of trained staffers with the necessary technology and tools. A virtual team can have the capability to complete everything from order processing to customer support, at a fraction of the cost of full time employees.
  • Fully customizable plans: Perfect for the cost-conscious; pay for only what you need as your business experiences natural fluctuations.

Where virtual meets physical

markham-virtual-office-way-to-grow-imgSometimes a virtual office isn’t enough – you need a meeting space to conduct interviews, training sessions or presentations. In addition to a corporate address with enterprise-grade staffing, Officescape’s Virtual Office solutions provide access to on-demand, fully equipped boardrooms and lounges when required.

If establishing a business address in a prime location, delegating administrative tasks and improving customer satisfaction are central to your business strategy, it may be time to consider the benefits of a virtual office service provider so you can ‘switch off’ while your business continues to thrive.

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