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Why you need an On-Demand Meeting Room For Your Business

May 5, 2019

With the average executive attending over 60 meetings per month and spending more than a third of their working hours in meetings, the importance of meetings cannot be overstated. Although business meetings are sometimes considered a time-wasting exercise, their bad reputation has more to do with overworked managers, poor planning and faulty execution than the meetings themselves. Clearly, face-to-face time with clients and staff, training seminars, and conferences are vital activities, or most businesses would dispense with them. Meetings foster collaboration, creativity and unity. The question is not whether to hold meetings, but how to hold them more effectively.

In business, optics are everything

The origins of the phrase ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’ are in dispute, but it still holds true today…except that in the fast-paced corporate world, there is less time than ever to make that impression. In fact, according to Forbes, first impressions can be formed in less than a single second. In business, the people who matter – clients, partners, suppliers – do judge a book by its cover, perhaps because connection is so important to fostering the trust that is essential to forming solid business relationships. Those who are in a position to do long-term, repeat business with you must be able to connect on a personal level, which is why making a positive first impression is so imperative.

When meeting clients or making a pitch to potential investors, more is required than just the right attire and a strong handshake to establish credibility and professionalism; the physical meeting space is an important reflection of your business, too. For companies who can’t afford to get it wrong in the face of stiff competition, or who want their inter-office meeting to be as productive as possible, the meeting room itself is a key element in creating an atmosphere conducive to productive, successful meeting outcomes.

Meeting Room Rental in Markham

Meeting Room Rental in MarkhamStudents of group dynamics know that every meeting has a life of its own. When people gather for the purposes of business, some may assume roles that can hamper productivity; needless to say, the environment plays an important role in keeping meeting participants engaged and inspired. In order to function optimally, all meeting participants, as well as the surroundings, should be in balance. Reserving a private and professional conference room in Markham – an innovative hub of talent and technology where businesses can comfortably scale up – can do more for businesses than help them gain control of first impressions; with comfortable furniture, high-speed Internet, kitchen facilities, state-of-the-art presentation equipment and anything else you need, it’s simply the best place to produce your team’s best work.

Meeting rooms for rent in Toronto

Flexibility is important when renting meeting rooms Toronto because today’s businesses need solutions that are as nimble as they are. Our boardroom rental, training room rental and meeting room services tick all the boxes for small and medium sized enterprises.

  • Book space for just the length of time needed
  • Use other amenities at our coworking center
  • Competitive pricing compared to renting a meeting room at a hotel, which may be a multifunction room that is not well suited to your meeting size or needs
  • Vibrant presentation rooms with the most modern conferencing equipment and tools, including LCD projectors, smart boards, telecommunications and high-speed internet capabilities to run meetings efficiently
  • Versatile, accessible training and presentation facilities
  • Reception staff to welcome guests upon arrival

Conference space in Toronto: Make the right impression

Whether a boardroom is needed for a few hours of interviews or conference rooms will be booked for an entire week of team building activities, our private boardroom rentals fit the bill. As entrepreneurs, we know that enhancing business image with professional meeting room space is a simple way to manage first opinions and reinforce credibility. There is a way to welcome guests, enjoy amenities usually reserved for larger corporations, and maintain a professional presence, at an affordable cost: meeting room rental in Markham.

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