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Rent a Meeting Space in Toronto with Full-Service Facilities by the Hour

December 5, 2018

As a business owner, it’s essential to create a unique identity that differentiates your business from competitors. You can easily accomplish this while concurrently managing overhead costs by using corporate meeting rooms and facilities. This will allow you to project a professional image and create a favourable impression of your brand.

Why are Meeting Rooms Important?

No doubt, two heads are better than one. This phrase rings true to every aspect of life but none so like in running a business. From clients, vendors, employees and even partners, business owners/leaders have to constantly engage other people at different capacities in order to keep the business running smoothly. It is for this reason that meeting rooms are the nerve center of every business. Sure you can hold meetings in your office, among the cubicles or in the break room, but how effective will the meeting be? One of the key principles of success in business is communication. Having a functional conference room or meeting space in Toronto allows you to have a conducive environment to communicate your ideas, vision and objectives to every stakeholder in your business. A dedicated meeting venue allows everyone to be heard, seen and be part of deliberations.

What Should A Meeting Room Have?

It is not enough to just have a meeting room. Your meeting room should be a comfortable and convenient space that encourages and supports maximum productivity. It should have all the equipment and amenities necessary to support all activities to be undertaken and to make the participants feel comfortable and engaged. Therefore, if you are looking for a meeting room rental in Toronto, here is a checklist on what a meeting room should have.

  • A reliable Wi-Fi network with visible name and network or a wired network
  • A monitor and all necessary peripherals
  • A Smart screen
  • A white table with dry erase markers
  • Conference call equipment
  • Comfortable, portable chairs
  • Access to coffee and water
  • Power outlets
  • Privacy and silence

What are Conference Rooms Used For?

Corporate Meeting Rooms & Facilities by the Hour in TorontoNo doubt that the conference room is the nerve center of business operations. From conducting interviews, holding brainstorming sessions, training employees, closing deals with clients, addressing vendors, holding crisis meeting among many other activities, a conference room is at the center of it all. Here is what having a properly furnished and equipped meeting space Toronto will add to your business.

  • Provide a safe area to discuss sensitive business undertakings
  • It is collaboration station bringing together all stakeholders
  • Create and sustain the company culture
  • Provide a platform to nurture ideas and projects
  • Empower you to a make great impression on guests and clients
  • Become a training ground for success

How Do You Choose a Meeting Venue?

Finding the right meeting space Toronto can be daunting and time consuming given all the options around. There are many things to consider up and above the budget. Here are some of the considerations to make in ensuring that you get the perfect meeting venue for your select purpose.

  • Suitability of the location to the corporate image and the particular event
  • Location of the venue in relation to those attending
  • Size of the venue and comfort levels
  • Facilities and additional services offered on top of the meeting space
  • Availability of the location on set dates
  • Lastly, the cost of having the meeting space with select services, terms of payment and if any discounts apply.

Here are ten benefits of selecting meeting space rentals in Toronto

  1. Convenient Location
    Setting up a meeting in a prime area comes with a high cost, which can limit your access to clients and potential customers. By renting a meeting room, you can make yourself readily available whenever and wherever you require.
  2. Hassle-Free Booking
    A proper meeting space Toronto rental has a streamlined process of scheduling so that you can reserve and receive confirmation for the room quickly by phone, email, or online.
  3. Professional Set-Up
    Corporate meeting room facilities offer many amenities such as high-tech presentation tools, on-site receptionist, and high-speed internet. This allows you to create a professional setting, helping you conduct business in the way you prefer.
  4. Offer More Benefits than Hotel Meeting Rooms
    Renting a hotel meeting room can be expensive. This can be easily avoided by opting for corporate meeting facilities which cost up to 50% less than renting hotel facilities.
  5. Variety of Amenities
    In addition to getting access to the meeting rooms, you’ll have the added advantage of using the latest equipment.
  6. Professional Greeters
    When your customers arrive at a location committed to providing professional meeting spaces, they will be greeted by friendly receptionists who can offer assistance and concierge services, creating a positive impression of your business.
  7. Catering
    In addition to the rooms and associated amenities, you could also utilize the catering services offered by the business center to serve your clients.
  8. Reduced Overhead Expenses
    While it can save money immediately, using corporate meeting rooms can also help you cut down on the expenses associated with purchasing expensive equipment.
  9. Increase Customer Base
    Breaking away from the permanent office space can help you be available to your clients anywhere, increasing the number of customers you can reach.
  10. Audio and Video Conferencing Facility
    You can make use of the audio and video conferencing systems offered with your meeting room rental. This can help project a professional image despite not being able to travel and meet with your clients.

Finding Meeting Space Rentals in Toronto

At Officescape, you can hold your meetings in a professional setting and pay only for the space and time you need. We provide shared office space including corporate meeting space to suit your needs. You can use our meeting rooms for interviews, presentations, training, or any other need. In addition to providing meeting spaces for rent, we also offer SmartScreen displays, catering services, and more to make sure that you have everything you need. Contact us at 905-482-3020.

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