On-Demand Office Solutions

Rent part-time office space with no long-term lease commitment.

  • Short-term hourly or bundled rental options available
  • Fully furnished, equipped, and staffed Class A facility
  • Parking, Wi-Fi, and hot beverage service are included
  • Office suites ready and available on an immediate basis

Part-Time Business Suites to Meet Specific Needs

Essential Business Support Services Available On Demand.

  • An Unbranded Class A Facility

    An Unbranded Class A Facility

    When you meet with clients or host meetings in your office, visitors will not see any signage or advertising that identifies our brand. We exist to serve your business purposes, not ours.

  • Prestigious Location

    Prestigious Location

    Class A commercial facilities speak volumes about the businesses headquartered within; our prestigious Markham location will help you establish a professional and self-confident image.

  • More Than Just Office Space

    More Than Just Office Space

    Our clients tell us that the benefits of our business centre extend well beyond having access to physical office space. It is the intangibles – our customer service, our friendly can-do attitude, and our professional approach – that impress their clients.

  • It’s About the Experience

    It’s About the Experience

    From the moment that you and your clients arrive, Officescape will strive to make the entire experience memorable. Whatever you need, you can count on us to deliver.

  • Full Disclosure; No Surprises

    Full Disclosure; No Surprises

    Managing costs is fundamental to running a successful business, and unexpected expenses can be troublesome. Officescape believes in full disclosure – no surprises. And by the way, the fresh roast coffee is on us.

  • hourly office space rental

    Affordable Rates

    Flexibility is the key to our pricing structure – pay for only the office time or services you need, or become a full time client if permanent office space better suits you needs.

Not Your Standard Business Centre

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