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Questions to Ask Before Committing to Lease Shared Office Space

June 5, 2018

Thorough Research is a Must Prior to Leasing Shared Office Space in Toronto

For a significant number of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners, a key dynamic to their success rests with their ability to contain/limit operating costs.  This can be particularly challenging because many of these expenses are required for a business to remain competitive and to sustain its revenue streams; yet the more money they can save, the more earnings they will have to bank or to invest in their growth.

Thus it is not surprising that these types of individuals/businesses are continually looking for ways to shrewdly manage the operations side of their enterprises/companies without compromising income generation.  And while small cuts here-and-there can certainly add some marginal amounts to the bottom line, addressing larger-ticket items is where these businesses can realize more extensive savings; one such item is the cost of office space.

The cost of setting up and maintaining a physical office can have a substantial impact on an operating budget; however, business and/or personal circumstances could dictate the need for this physical space, thus making overhead an unavoidable expense.  This is why shared office space has become a highly attractive option for many entrepreneurs and small business owners, particularly for those based in Toronto; shared office space can reduce operating & overhead costs by a substantial amount while still permitting Toronto-based businesses the luxury of using a physical workplace if/when needed.

Shared office space can offer an ideal solution for several types of businesses in Toronto, ranging from start-up ventures to national and international firms who need/want a local presence; furthermore, there are several financial benefits associated with shared office space.

However, all shared office space is not the same; as with any and all business decisions, careful consideration should be given to a number of important factors before opting to move forward with any such arrangements.  To that end, the experienced consultants at Officescape Canada, a business solutions and services provider in Markham, present the following list of questions that Toronto business owners should ask before committing to leasing shared office space:

  • How easily accessible is the location in relation to major highways, airports?
  • What amenities are included – meeting rooms, lounge areas, visitor parking?
  • What services are included – and which are subject to any additional charges?
  • Can the space be pre-assessed during business hours re: noise, activity levels?
  • What types of businesses are currently sharing the facility? Direct competitors?
  • What is the minimum leasing period?  Are there penalties for early termination?
  • Who is responsible for any cleaning services, i.e. floors, carpets, windows, etc.?
  • Does the lease include administrative services – mail, reception, office supplies?
  • Are there any group events (work or social) for which attendance is mandatory?
  • Are there security measures in place and how are they managed and monitored?

Shared office space can indeed provide a viable option for businesses in Toronto that are looking to contain their operating costs while focusing their efforts on daily opportunities to increase revenues and grow their customer bases; shared office space can also permit entrepreneurs and small business owners in Toronto to present a professional image to their clients and potential clients.  In turn, this accentuates REINFORCES the need to choose the right location and facility, and why some thorough research and investigation before signing a lease/contract would be a wise investment of time and effort.

Officescape’s Shared Office Space Offers an Ideal Solution for Toronto Business

Shared Office Space Offers an Ideal Solution for Toronto BusinessBusiness owners interested in shared office space in Toronto may want to speak with the consultants from Officescape Canada.  Through their Class A commercial facility centrally located in Markham near the junction of Highways 401 and 404, Officescape Canada can provide full-service shared office space/suites to suit any business need.

This shared office space allows Toronto business owners to conduct their daily operations with ease, at a lower cost versus maintaining traditional office space; some of the many benefits include:

  • Short-term and long-term leasing options
  • A prestigious Toronto Markham location and business address
  • Business suites ready for immediate occupancy/start-up
  • A completely furnished and staffed Class A commercial facility
  • Amenities such as parking, Wi-Fi, 24/7 access, hot beverage service

Officescape Canada offers an ideal solution for business owners looking to contain their operating/overhead costs while focusing on business goals and presenting a professional image to their clients.  Call Officescape Canada in Markham today at 416-639-0407 or 1-866-219-8059 to speak with a consultant about shared office space for your Toronto business.

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