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Short-Term Office Rental in Markham

December 17, 2019

The nature of the modern workplace is changing – fast. Gone are the days when the offices were the nerve center of every business. The reality of workplaces today is that most start-ups and small businesses don’t require to have fulltime office space. Thanks to cloud and communication technology, employees don’t have to be physically present in one location to conduct business operations. Additionally, the modern employee prefers to work remotely where they can enjoy more freedom and avoid time wasted in daily commutes. To this effect, businesses are increasingly having to adapt to the flexible nature of the current workforce.

At Officescape we have long observed this cultural shift towards remote work and the accompanying changes in business procedures. In response, we have developed solutions that serve the needs of small and medium-sized businesses who wish to adopt evolving workplace solutions.

Need a Temporary Office Space?

Small and medium-sized businesses have to be mindful about their expenses. Short term rentals present many opportunities that would be of great benefit to small and medium-sized businesses. Chief among these opportunities is the chance to save on hefty monthly rental fees. Additionally, short term rentals have a variety of office and meeting rooms thus allowing for different manners of use. From multiple day conferences and seminars to client meetings, focus group meetings and more, our office spaces cater to every need.

High Level of Business and Technical Support Services

Other than having a great office space, many more factors go into having a successful meeting and improving the overall productivity of employees. At Officescape, the clients who use short term rentals also get access to many other technical and business support services that go a long way in improving their productivity. We offer phone and messaging services, professional receptionists and a team of IT specialists who can help with network setup or hardware installations. These services are shown to spur business growth by allowing small businesses to focus on running the important affairs of the companies.

When Do You Need Short Term Office Rentals?

There are many instances where independent professionals and companies might find themselves in need of temporary office space for rent. They include;

  • A rapidly growing business might need a short term office rental due to the increasing number of employees in a congested office space. In this case, it makes sense to find a small office space for rent until you can secure a larger office.
  • A company with seasonal employees might need a short term rental office space to hold seasonal employees and prevent the main office from getting too busy or congested.
  • If your lease just ended without having secured a lease for another space, you might need to rent a temporary office space until you can lock down your next lease. You do not want to rush into signing a new lease out of desperation or losing your employees due to lack of a suitable workspace.
  • Construction delays are common in commercial real estate. If you are about to move to a new office and a construction delay hampers your plans, a short term office rental might be an alternative. This will allow you to have a suitable space to run your operations for however long the delay takes,  without having to commit to a long-term lease.

At Officescape, we understand the nature of today’s business and work culture as well as the modern workforce. This is why we have structured our services to serve the specific needs of the modern workforce in a rapidly evolving environment. Contact us today to learn how our short term rentals Markham can support the needs of your growing business.

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