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Starting a Small Business with a Virtual Mail Service

August 17, 2019

Virtual Mail Service in Toronto offering a Prestigious Mailing Address for Your Business

Many entrepreneurs and business owners who have to work on-the-go while travelling to different locations prefer not to own or rent a place for business in order to avoid the associated cost and hassles. However, this leads to a problem: what will be the company’s address? Where can you receive important mail as well as meet with the clients? In this scenario, a virtual mailbox service is beneficial not only for convenience but also in elevating your professional image. The service enables you to receive mail and packages via a commercial address while add on services such as mail forwarding allows you to manage the mail as you would with email.

How Does Mail Forwarding Work?

A virtual mailbox service allows you to have a virtual mailbox, a commercial business address among many other services. With the understanding that most people who use this service are mostly working on the go or from distant locations, a virtual mailbox allows you to manage your mail using any device as you would with your email. In essence, a virtual mailbox is a commercial address attached to your business.

When mail and packages are sent to your virtual business address, the service provider receives them, scans the mail envelope or the package label and then sends the pictures on an online platform where you can access them from any device on a user interface. From this interface, you can then review each individual mail or package and decide the appropriate action such as mail forwarding or shredding. If you decide that the mail should be forwarded to you, the service provider scans the mail contents and forwards them to you. Alternatively, the service provider can package the mail in a new envelope and forward it to any specified address around the world. The same case applies to packages.

Who Needs Virtual Mailbox Services?

Virtual mailbox services offer many different benefits to different people in various capacities. However, the service is popular with the following sets of people for the advantages it gives them.

  • Entrepreneurs and business people who work on the go or are often away from their office or home
  • Entrepreneurs who are starting a small business from home and wish to portray a more professional image of their business
  • Established business people who want to be seen as having an international presence
  • Individuals or businesses wishing to remain anonymous

Using virtual mailing services can effortlessly solve the following problems:

  • Professionalism
    Having your business letters and mail sent to your residential address does not project a professional image, which is why having a separate business address is a must.
  • Online Presence
    Utilizing a virtual mailing address allows you to position your company where you want to do business. For instance, if you live in St. Catherine’s but wish to do business in Markham, utilizing a mailing address in the desired location will improve your audience’s perception of your locality. It will also help to avoid detracting any potential customers who may believe you won’t service their area. Along with this, you are increasing your security by not disclosing your home address online, and providing a prestigious location for your company if someone were to search the address.
  • Keeping Mail & Parcels Safe
    As a business owner, you will undoubtedly receive confidential information and paperwork through the mail. It is not wise to have your clients send such documents to a non-secure address. For the safety of your business, it is recommended to have a virtual mailing address.
  • Creating the Right Impression
    First impressions matter and having a prestigious address for your company can enhance the reputation of your business and create a great impression. This can particularly help start-ups and small companies looking to establish themselves.
  • Convenient
    when you are too occupied with important business-related work to collect a parcel or package, using virtual mail services is a wise idea as their staff will receive it on your behalf. You could also use a mail forwarding service in case of any emergencies to have your packages sent to a specific address.
  • Scalability
    after establishing your business successfully, you may think of expanding it to other locations. A virtual mailbox plan can also be modified to provide additional services as needed, such as phone support services and meeting room rentals.

Contact Us to Set Up Your Virtual Mail Services

Virtual Mail Services Solve Problems for Your BusinessHaving a virtual mailing address is a better way to run, manage, and grow your company. It is an affordable option when compared to owning, renting or leasing. It is also an effortless way of elevating the professional image of your business.

At Officescape, in addition to offering a commercial address for your business, we also provide on-demand access to our meeting rooms, boardrooms, and conference rooms, and other support services.

For more information about our virtual mail services, reach out to our experts by calling 416-639-0407 or 1-866-219-8059. You could also fill out our online form to request a quote or book a tour with us.

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