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The Benefits of Remote & Distributed Startups: Office Space

April 5, 2019

Every business owner wants their company to achieve impressive professional results. But the traditional corporate structure, whereby a business operates from a central hub in a hierarchal system with departmentalized employees, doesn’t work for every startup – nor does it have to. While nearly two-thirds of today’s companies employ remote workers, it’s not merely out of financial necessity; businesses may start out with a remote workforce to improve the balance sheet, but are choosing to adopt the distributed model permanently. With the right people, policies and work culture in place, more and more founders are discovering the benefits of remote and distributed startups using shared office space Toronto.

Benefits of a Distributed Model

Despite the disadvantages of the work-from-anywhere arrangement – which nearly always amount to preventable communication breakdowns of some kind – more and more startups, whether in the initial growth stage or enjoying vigorous expansion, are opting out of maintaining a corporate headquarters or office workspace. Well capitalized or not, all businesses need to optimize productivity while minimizing costs; when almost all tasks can be done remotely and/or exist in the cloud, it may not make financial sense to keep the lights on in a costly Toronto space for rent.

However, besides the obvious financial benefits of a distributed workforce, there are many others.

  • Improved productivity: Eliminate the commute and the water-cooler distractions, and remote workers get more done in less time, increasing profitability
  • Improved employee satisfaction: With half the world’s employees working from home at least one day a week and enjoying notably higher job satisfaction than those chained to their cubicles, retaining great employees may depend on an employer’s flexibility to allow remote work
  • Access to human resources: Depending on the sector, unless a startup is lucky enough to be located near a rich local talent pool, finding gifted executives with niche skill sets can be a challenge. Going remote allows businesses to maintain a local HQ if desired while taking advantage of talent from across the globe, no relocation required.

Shared Office Space for Remote Workforces

In 2013, Scott Berkun wrote a book called The Year Without Pants about his experience working remotely on the front lines of a team of brilliant, prolific programmers that designed and built new features for WordPress. While the takeaway is that this remarkable company boasts the kind of creativity, productivity and leadership that many workplaces can only dream of, entrepreneurs who are seeking to establish credibility may be averse to the idea of their employees working without pants – however productive they may be. If a completely distributed startup seems like a step backward in terms of accountability and oversight, consider that today’s technological advances allow for a happy medium: Shared office space Toronto.

It’s already been established that many employees can, theoretically, work from home; but communication gaps can lead to inefficiencies, even with today’s superior technology. When an entirely virtual workforce is impractical, there is a perfect compromise: shared office space where teams can meet face to face when needed, collaborate side by side on important projects at dedicated desks, and consult with clients without being forced to rely solely on the imperfect tech of video conferencing and online meetings.

Working through the internet may be preferable to maintaining a long-term brick and mortar lease and a full-time onsite workforce, yet the benefits of a strong work culture cannot be denied. Shared office space Toronto helps businesses solve the puzzle. It allows founders and entrepreneurs to minimize overhead costs while providing easy access to turnkey office solutions, administrative support and superior tech whenever it is required – a shared workspace model that offers businesses and their staff the best of both worlds.

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