Virtual Mail Services

Packages from $50/Month
(2 Months Free with 1 Year Subscription)

  • A feasible way to handle business mail needs that cannot be fulfilled via a post office box
  • Removes the need to use your home address or go to a post office to get mail/packages
  • Automatic new mail notifications are sent electronically so you can treat every item with the appropriate degree of urgency
  • Safe & Easy Paypal Payment Services

Virtual Mail & Office Services to Satisfy Your Business Needs

Essential Mail Handling and Support Services Available On Demand.

A virtual mail package from Officescape Canada, starting as low as $50.00 CAD per month for a Basic Package, offers a viable solution for business mail needs that cannot be satisfied by a post office box or a private residential address. With our virtual mail package, you have access to your mail anytime and from anywhere; you can also decide whether you want to have your mail opened and scanned, forwarded to another location, shredded, or discarded – without having to be at home nor physically going to the post office.

  • Access to Offices, Meeting and Boardrooms

    Flex Offices &
    Meeting Rooms

    Capitalize on the option to meet onsite with clients. Flex Offices (for 1-16 people) start at $35.00 per hour

  • Prestigious Location (Legitimacy)

    Prestigious Location (Legitimacy)

    Create a professional image for your business with a commercial address in a prestigious facility

  • Professional Environment

    Professional Environment (Security)

    A virtual mailing address safeguards your privacy by eliminating the need to post your home address online

  • Be Found on Google Maps and Google Places

    Get Identified or Listed on Google Maps and Places

    A Business Mailing Address is a necessity to appear in online searches by prospective customers

  • Friendly, Resourceful, Helpful Staff

    Friendly, Resourceful,
    Helpful Staff

    Benefit from our customer service, can-do attitude, and professional approach to impress your clients

  • Mail Collection and Handling

    Mail Collection
    and Handling

    Have someone available to collect and handle mail and to sign for registered letters and parcels on your behalf

  • On-Demand Executive Assistance

    On-Demand Executive Assistance

    Our professional assistant can manage administrative or meeting planning needs at your discretion

  • Mail Forwarding Options Available

    Mail Forwarding Options Available**

    Select only the items to be forwarded and have them sent where and when you want at an affordable rate

  • Electronic Notifications


    Receive email notifications so you can treat each item with the appropriate urgency


Not Your Standard Business Centre

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