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The Business and Personal Benefits of a Virtual Mailbox

May 5, 2019

Many home-based entrepreneurs or business owners often use their home address or a post office box to reflect their place of business and to collect any mail and/ or packages.  While these may be viable options for some, they can also be inconvenient for those who travel routinely or who cannot visit a post office location if/as required during its usual hours of operation.

Moreover, having one’s home address double as their business mailing address can pose concerns from the standpoint of personal security; that is, publicizing their home address on the internet and on all business documentation as well as the possibility that sensitive information might be left unattended in an open mailbox.

However, a physical mailing address is important in presenting a professional image for a business. So, how can the business owner maintain such a profile while either eliminating or averting the types of situations noted above? The answer may lie in a virtual mailbox rental with Markham mailing address in Officescape Canada’s prestigious Class A facility.

How Does a Virtual Mailbox Work?

Virtual MailboxA virtual mailbox allows a business to manage their mail and packages from any location, using any device just like with emails. The business gains the ability to receive, pickup, forward, discard or shred mails and packaging digitally. Having that a virtual mailbox is a commercial address with your own personal box number in a prominent location, it works by giving you the ease and convenience to manage your postal mail as you do with an email inbox. After receiving the package, details are sent to the business owner for them to decide whether to scan the mail contents, forward the mail, trash it or shred it.

What is a Virtual Business Address?

A virtual business address is used by businesses to designate an “office” in a prime location without having exclusive rights and duties to the location. It gives business owners a professional business address and outlook without having to spend exorbitantly for a physical location. The service may also include a virtual mailbox, a lobby directory listing and a live receptionist. Some providers also offer personal office space, meeting rooms, boardrooms among other business services. Business owners use a virtual business address instead of a home address for example to place on LLC and corporate documents, flyers, business cards and on their websites.

How Does Mail Forwarding Work?

Mail forwarding is made possible through a virtual mailbox. Businesses can designate a professional business location offered by the provider as their commercial business address. The virtual mailbox provider then allows the business to manage their mail and packages from anywhere in the world through mail forwarding. Therefore, mail forwarding involves the provider receiving packages and mail, scanning the label and envelop and allowing you to decide what happens to it. Upon the owners’ direction, the provider can then do the following;

  • Open & scan the contents
  • Forward it to anywhere you want
  • Recycle it by shredding
  • Leave it alone and keep it in storage

Mail forwarding allows businesses to manage packages and mail from any location on the globe.

Officescape’s virtual mailbox rentals offer a number of business and personal benefits:

  • Legitimacy – a commercial address in a prominent facility
  • Safeguarding of personal privacy for their home and family
  • Comfort that mail is being delivered to a safe, secure location
  • An authorized agent to accept registered mail or parcel deliveries
  • Providing a local presence for businesses that are based elsewhere

Virtual mail services permit online access to business mail, anytime and from anywhere; in addition, physical mail sent to the commercial address is kept in a secure cabinet and business owners can choose to have the mail opened and scanned, forwarded to another location, shredded or recycled, or discarded, all without having to be in their home office or to make regular trips to retrieve mail from a post office box.

A virtual mailbox rental in a Class A facility with a prominent Markham address can help home-based entrepreneurs or business owners create the local base/presence they want and need for their respective enterprises plus a mailing address for parcels/packages and written correspondence without any compromise to the privacy of their home address.

Incorporate Virtual Mail Services into Virtual Office Space for Your Business

Virtual Mailbox & Mail Forwarding for BusinessIn addition to their virtual mail services, the team at Officescape Canada in Markham can provide business owners with virtual office space, including essential support services, in a Class A commercial facility; some of the additional benefits that these business owners can gain from utilizing a virtual office space would include:

For more information about a virtual mailbox rental with a prestigious mailing address in Officescape Canada’s Class A commercial property located in Markham, Ontario, please go to our Virtual Mailing Address Service Page.

Manage your business mail online easily and conveniently with our virtual mail service. Call Officescape Canada in Markham today at 416-639-0407 or 1-866-219-8059 to speak with an experienced consultant on how we can support your needs and business.

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