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Virtual Office Vs. Serviced Office

July 10, 2019

Is a Virtual Office the Cheaper Option for Small Businesses?

Many small businesses face one common challenge when seeking to establish a professional presence, and that is affordability. When they think of how much they need to pay to set up a full-time office or maintain a part-time office, they are discouraged and may believe that there is little hope for establishing themselves. However, we now have two flexible and affordable workspace solutions that can help small businesses establish themselves – serviced office space and a virtual office. That’s right, these are two different alternatives even though many people confuse them as one. Both alternatives provide small businesses with an affordable means to establish a respectable physical commercial presence in any city. The question is, which solution best suits your business and your future objectives. Below are some few pointers to help you decide when and why you should consider one solution over the other.

What is Serviced Office Space?

A serviced office space is typically managed by a serviced office provider who rents out rooms, sections, floors or hubs within an office building to different businesses on a need basis. Each rented space is equipped with all necessary fixtures and fittings as well as other necessary amenities such as internet connectivity. The provider takes full responsibility for electricity, maintenance, security, cleaning and rates. This means that you only pay for what you need when you need it.

In addition to getting a physical office space, access to facilities and services, you can pay to use add-ons such as boardrooms, meeting rooms and other amenities if and when you need them. This allows businesses to make a great impression on guests while also keeping their expenses in check.

What is a Virtual Office?

As the name suggests, a virtual office is an office that exists without actually existing. It is a service offered to entrepreneurs who wish to maintain a professional image without having to foot the cost of a physical office space. Typically, a virtual office provides a business with a corporate office address for correspondence and communication, a secretary and a call handling service. There are also add on services such as a private office or boardroom on demand.

What are the Differences between Serviced Office and Virtual Office?

Both kinds of office space give businesses the flexibility to only pay for the facilities and services they need so they can manage their growth. However, each alternative serves businesses with different needs and objectives. Here are some few differences.

  • While serviced office spaces include physical office space, a virtual office doesn’t provide physical workspace but rather an address and other office solutions such as phone handling services.
  • With a serviced office, workers have to live within commuting distance of the office while for a virtual office, employees can be located anywhere in and out of the country.
  • Serviced office spaces provide a chance for all employees to have physical face to face interactions and meetings every working day. In contrast, workers in a business using a virtual office may never meet physically and meetings are only facilitated by technology.
  • The cost associated with both solutions differ. Understandably, serviced offices have higher costs than virtual offices since they provide more facilities and services. With that said, virtual offices also carry some costs. Below is a breakdown of the costs of having a virtual office.

What is the Cost of Having a Virtual Office in Toronto?

Virtual Office Vs. Serviced OfficeBy choosing to have a virtual office, a business can benefit from projecting professionalism, while still managing all other costs. Working remotely, it is not necessary to physically be in an office all the time. However, when you do need an office, you can book a modern office hourly, or daily. Choosing a business centre that provides virtual office services and an office on-demand gives your business the advantage to build a professional image, at an affordable price.

Here is a breakdown of the different virtual office packages you can choose from: –

The Base Rate

The basic virtual office service rate is the no-frills option also known as the base rate. It offers the most essential service without a personal assistant to answer your calls. This is more ideal for companies that have a smaller budget and are looking to legitimize themselves as a business. Starting with a prestigious business address, you can add it to your business cards, website and local business directories. For this, the rate begins at $41.66 per month with an annual subscription.

Experience More Benefits

When you choose to use a virtual office provider, like Officescape in Markham, you become a member of their Markham Business Centre. The membership connects you to the local small business community.

Choosing Affordable Virtual Office

Those who do not understand what a virtual office provider can offer them may be losing out in developing a professional image, connections to local business community and gaining savings with a lot of flexibility. When virtual office services are used to their full potential, they can make a great impact on your business. The only caveat is to get a provider who understands your needs.

At Officescape Markham, we offer virtual office packages that are not only affordable but also tailored to meet your business needs. Our virtual offices give you the freedom to control your expenses by only paying for what you need when you need it while still maintaining a professional image. Starting at Just $49 a month, you can now get a virtual office in Toronto and with it the ability to take your business to the next level. Connect with us today to make enquiries.

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