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Why Shared Office Spaces Are Preferable to Purchasing Office Space

November 17, 2019

An increasing number of individuals and companies continue to join the Coworking communities across the globe. Coworking or renting a shared office space is thus now considered an emerging trend with regards to finding office space for new or growing businesses. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur who needs a temporary office space away from their home or a venturing entrepreneur with a new business, a startup with a couple of employees or a growing company looking to expand, renting shared office space Toronto might be a feasible solution for you as opposed to purchasing office space. However, why is this alternative becoming more enticing for entrepreneurs and businesses? What do they stand to gain?

Advantages of Using Coworking Space

Free Office Amenities

One of the distinguishing benefits of renting a shared office is that it is always turn-key ready for use regardless of the duration of stay. The membership fee or hourly fee often covers the cost of amenities within the office space.

Helps Increase Your Professional and Personal Network

The greatest downside of being a freelancer or soloprenuer is that you tend to be lonely and isolated. This does not necessarily mean that you are antisocial, just that your line of work limits you. A Coworking community offers a great avenue for such people to find other people with similar sensibilities and work ideals thus expanding their network.

Greater Job Control

A shared workspace allows you to interact with people on the same wavelength as yourself and who have the same work ethic. This gives you the creative control and incentive to plan your work hours and have a wider pool of who you could collaborate with on specific projects.

Access to Fully Equipped Workspaces

After purchasing a traditional office space, you have to incur and additional expense of furnishing the office. On the other hand, renting a shared office space Toronto relieves you of such stress. You have all the space and furniture you need to spread out your paperwork, work on your laptop or even hold private meetings with colleagues of prospective employees.

Optimal Locations

Due to their growing demand, shared office locations are increasing by the day. They are particularly popular in urban areas where they offer convenience for their prime locations which are mostly central. Major cities such as Toronto have these providers including OfficeScape Markham offering prime shared office space rental Toronto for people looking for office space around the city.

Help Improve your Social Life

One of the key selling points of the concept of shared office space is the sense of community that it offers. You feel like you are part of a wide family that is in many ways working towards similar goals. Working from home, in formal setting or remotely is inherently lonely. As such, working in an environment where you are surrounded by likeminded people with whom you can share interests and ambitions give you a sense of togetherness. It is also a great channel to get quality feedback on your projects.

Cost Efficiency

All factors considered, Coworking costs less than leasing or renting a traditional office space. Additionally, you are not bound by long-term contractual terms which is economically beneficial.


Coworking spaces offer flexibility in many different ways. You have the choice of how long you want to rent the office space be it days, hours or months. You also get to choose at what time you want to access the office, day or night to complete your work. After all, you only pay for the hours you use the office.

Rent a Shared Office Space Toronto

Officescape offers beautifully furnished, fully equipped, and expert-designed Coworking spaces for business people and companies of all calibers. Whether you run your own business, work remotely or are in the process of expanding your enterprise, we have the right collaborative working environment to meet your standards.

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